Neil Parrott:
✔ Believes that Lower Taxes and Less Government leads to more jobs.
✔ Wants to cut taxes. Neil knows that increased taxes and fees hurt families and reduce our nation’s productivity.
✔ Works to fully repeal Obamacare resulting in lower costs & better care.
✔ Supports Opportunity Zones which lower business taxes to help communities like Brunswick, Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumberland, Gaithersburg, and large parts of Garrett County.
✔ Votes to fully defund Planned Parenthood; the nation’s largest abortion provider should not receive state or federal taxpayer dollars. 

More Jobs :
• Promote business-friendly legislation to help America be productive.
• Eliminate costly & unnecessary regulations & licensing requirements.
• Build the wall and enforce illegal immigration laws.

About Neil Parrott :
• Lifelong Marylander, pro-life advocate, and a proven supporter of traditional family values.
• Second Amendment advocate - supports the right to bear arms, defend property, and protect our borders.
• Believes in a strong military and is tough on crime.
• State Delegate for Washington County, serving his third term.
• Local Business Owner—Traffic Solutions Inc.
• Professional Engineer (P.E.) specializing in traffic engineering.
• B.S., Univ. of Maryland, M.B.A., Mount St. Mary’s University.
• Chairman of which revolutionized the Maryland petition process and took three bad bills to referendum.

 “Decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect your family, your job, and your wallet. I will work hard so that we can maintain the freedoms we have grown up enjoying and work with you to help pass them on to the next generation.” 
~ Delegate Neil Parrott

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