About Neil Parrott

  • Lifelong Marylander, pro-life advocate, and a proven supporter of traditional family values. Believes in the founding principles of our country: Lower Taxes, Limited Government, and Individual Responsibility. He lives in Hagerstown with his wife of 14 years, April, and their 3 children, Patience, Charity, and Neilson.
  • ​Second Amendment advocate -supports the right to bear arms, defend property, and protect our borders.
  • ​Believes in a strong military and is tough on crime.
  • ​State Delegate for Washington County,  serving his third term.
  • ​Local Business Owner—Traffic Solutions Inc.
  • ​Professional Engineer (P.E.) specializing in traffic engineering.
  • ​B.S., Univ. of Maryland, M.B.A., Mount St. Mary’s University.
  • ​Chairman of MDPetitions.com which revolutionized the Maryland petition process and took three bad bills to referendum.

Lower Taxes, Less Government

Neil Parrott believes in cutting taxes.  Neil knows that increased taxes and fees hurt families and reduce our nation’s productivity.
  • ​Works to fully repeal Obamacare resulting in lower costs & better care.
  • ​Supports Opportunity Zones which lower business taxes to help communities like Brunswick, Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumber-land, Gaithersburg, and large parts of Garrett County.
  • ​Votes to fully defund Planned Parenthood; the nation’s largest abortion provider should not receive state or federal taxpayer dollars.

    “Neil has proven himself a tireless advocate for taxpayers and small businesses.We need people like Neil in Washington, D.C., to reign in reckless spending, to lower taxes, and to exercise fiscal responsibility."

More Jobs

  • Promote business-friendly legislation to help America be productive.
  • ​Eliminate costly & unnecessary regulations & licensing requirements.
  • ​Build the wall and enforce illegal immigration laws.
“Decisions made in Washington, D.C., affect your family, your job, and your wallet.  I will work hard so that we can maintain the  freedoms we have grown up enjoying and work with you to help pass them on to the next generation.”  ~ Delegate Neil Parrott
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